About Us

Welcome to Roots Education, a leading educational firm that develops, publishes and provides content in the form of easy-to-use books and also provides training for various aptitude examinations. Roots Education’s content has been created by experts in the domain and is protected by copyright. The user-centric services at Roots Education make use of some of the best practices in education from across the world.

In the Educational services domain, having established itself as the provider of India's best and most successful MBA test-prep program, MBAGuru (www.mbaguru.in), Roots Education has consolidated its position in other domains of educational services: BBAGuru (www.bbaguru.in) (preparatory programs for various under-graduate entrance exams such as BBS/BBA, BCA, Hotel Management, Law, Mass-communication, Journalism, Fashion Designing, etc.); GMATTERS (www.gmatters.in) (test-prep for GMAT for admissions to leading B-Schools across the globe) and MyBestSelf (www.mybestself.in) (an effective program for self-awareness, self-management and personality enhancement).



We reach out so that you can reach up... and beyond



We will become the most trusted provider of customised educational content and services in the world, offering material and / or guidance to each learner to help him/her discover, reach and exceed his/her intellectual, moral and aesthetic potential. 




Deekshant Sahrawat

Deekshant is a B.Tech. from IIT Delhi and a Post Graduate in Management from IIM Calcutta. Prior to his MBA, Deekshant designed power plants for leading multinationals with BHEL across several continents. With an unflinching belief in his vision, Deekshant set a trend of sorts at IIM Calcutta when he opted out of the lucrative placement race and founded Roots Education. A state-level cricketer, and a professional song-writer, Deekshant is the lyricist for India's top hind-rock band, Euphoria.


Mohit Khurana

Mohit is a B.Tech. from IIT Delhi and prior to his instrumental role in founding Roots Education, Mohit worked with Infosys Technologies Limited, on various domestic and international projects, for some of the world's most prestigious companies such as Pepsi-co, American Century Investments and Anheuser-Busch. At Roots, Mohit's exceptional inter-personal skills have made him a favorite amongst Team Roots as well as Rooters. Endowed with superlative analytical skills, Mohit has an insatiable appetite for the use of technology to enhance service quality and delivery. An excellent cricketer, Mohit is the perfect example of a teamsman with a never-say-die attitude.


Pawan Kaushik

Pawan Kaushik - the Mr. Dependable at TeamRoots believes in leading by example. An MBA from the Pune University, Pawan "jee" (as he is fondly referred to by Team Roots and Rooters alike), has an unflappable temperament that would challenge Roger Federer's. As in-charge of operations, the stickler for timeliness ensures the best mix of efficiency and effectiveness to ensure a delightful experience to all stake-holders. Rumours abound that his strictly vegetarian regime has led to a spurt in the eggless cake sales.


Dr. Palash Sen, Inspirer

Palash Sen, InspirerDr. Palash Sen, the lead vocalist of the hugely popular Indian band Euphoria, had pioneered the Hind-rock movement in the late 90's. A decade and four hit musical albums later, Euphoria's music has matured into a uniqueness that is characterized by a harmonious blend of the guitars, drums and keyboards on one side with the earthy Indian instruments and percussions on the other. Untouched by the fame and success, Palash still remains entrenched in his middle class values. Palash, who is a big hit especially with the young audiences in colleges across the nation because of his approachability, sense of humour and the connection that comes from his educational background, is the brand ambassador for Roots Education. Whenever he is able to take out some time from his busy schedule, he loves to invest it with Rooters and in the process inspires them to not give up their education for their passion or vice-versa. He, of course, has shown by example that one can excel at both. "Music might have made me famous and successful but I take great pride in my education, because that has surely made me a better human being" says Palash.


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